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COSM Chill On Ice - Second Edition - (DEL) - Various Artists  
COSM Chill On Ice - Second Edition - (DEL)
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After your request, the diverse debut compilation of Cosmicleaf Records, Chill On Ice, which has become a best seller, now reprinted in a special second edition with a bonus track from Side Liner. Chill On Ice first edition was released in January 2005 and sold out in every store worldwide after wicked feedback.

Chill On Ice is a compilation that would be a friendly companion for the winter. A multimood and multistyle chill out compilation with soundscapes from the lands of Greece, Israel, Australia, Serbia & Montenegro. A peaceful sound environment for keeping you warm the cold nights of winter and travelling your thoughts under the rustle of leaves. The ambient spaces between electro, trance, rock and world fusion are fertile ones, and the richness of the sounds on Chill On Ice suggest a group of artists diving headlong into them with passion, open minds and impressive programming skills.

The sounds of Chill On Ice are so connected with nature that the tv show for tourism in Greece "Travelling with 3" (at national TV station ET3), use this unique atmosphere as background for the awesome nature spots of Greece.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Sardonia MLT Play
02 In The Bottom Of The Ocean D. Batistatos Play
03 If Zero Cult Play
04 Whisper Del & Gen Play
05 Golden Triangle (Edit) Random Design Vs A. Trickster Play
06 Next Page Side Liner Play
07 P-Ray Zero Cult Play
08 Nostos (Vocal Edition) Omegahertz Play
09 Nature Goasia Play
10 Undo The Future Outer Heaven Play
11 Subconscious Games (Bonus Track) Side Liner Play
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