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Feijoada Polif˘nica - Pedra Branca  
Feijoada Polif˘nica
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The second album from the group Pedra Branca, Feijoada Polifônica, is the continuation of the work that conquered admirers all over Brazil and have been recognized internationally. Since the beginning, in 2001, they look for to innovate, without losing the idea of experimental, escaping from what is pre-determinate.

The title Feijoada Polifônica expresses the idea of mixing different sounds in their own way. “We play Brazilian rhythms and melodies on instruments from the whole world”, they affirm. With the sound of the didgeridoo, the sitar, the samissen, the caxixi, the tabla, the djembe, the sonorous elephant, the oriental viola (invented by the member Sallun), the pandeiro, the berimbau, the congas, the cuica, the jaw harp and of the other instruments that mark their presentations, the musicians express the Brazilian multiple identities and what is current in the national culture.

The 14 tracks explore more the use of the instruments in a digital way, with more effects, and keep the ethnical feeling, a huge characteristic from the group. The conscience of social stuff appears by political words, withdrawals from movies, interviews and declarations, showing the questions that reach Brazilian history and reality.

Some songs were showen to the public at live concerts and gave to the fans a taste of the new work, which were welcomed.

As always, Pedra Branca receives special artists, at live presentations and at the recording process in the studio. This time, Luciano Sallun and Aquiles Ghirelli were accompanied by João Ciriaco (pick-ups/ udu), Breno Gradel (percussion), Daniel Porto Rico (percussion), Marcelo Monteiro (sax/flute), André Calixto (sax/flute), Ana Eliza (percussion), Sandoval Junior Paixão (contrabass), Tayna Azevedo (voice) and Rodrigo Baroni (electronic programming).

The album was recorded by Paulo (Xamã Estúdio) and by Guilherme Simonsen (Reset Estúdio), who also mixed it. The mastering was done by Louis Henry Sarmiento.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Feijoada Polif˘nica Pedra Branca Play
02 Biosonoridade Pedra Branca Play
03 Metamusica Pedra Branca Play
04 Lampejos Pedra Branca Play
05 Horizonte Azul Pedra Branca Play
06 Coco Pedra Branca Play
07 ItapuŃ Pedra Branca Play
08 Boi Urbano Pedra Branca Play
09 Mekronoti Pedra Branca Play
10 Fronteiras Pedra Branca Play
11 Respiro Pedra Branca Play
12 A Vida e Um Sampler Pedra Branca Play
13 Sonhos Pedra Branca Play
Label ProfileLabel: WFC
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5017744101929
Track ListingRelease Date: 2006-08-18
Genre: ChilloutCatalogue Number: WFC008CD