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MAIA A Fissure In Silence - (DEL) - Ecliptic  
MAIA A Fissure In Silence - (DEL)
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“A FISSURE IN SILENCE” is an exhilarating action-packed morning groove-ride that will wake your senses and soothe your eager soul with a funky uplifting vibe created by trancy rhythms with a few house, techno, break beat and even dub essentials that will make this journey unforgettable.

ECLIPTIC have been around for many years, having created an exhilarating and impressively detonating live show that has been presented in Mexico’s most important events and festivals throughout the whole country, as well as abroad in such events as The Voov Experience, The Glade Festival in The UK and New Year’s Universo Parallelo in Brazil.

The silence has been broken, and ECLIPTIC are drawing the world’s attention into their world of crunchy morning beats!

Another massive bomber delivered by MAIA RECORDS… Impossible to be missed!!!

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 The Oompa Loops Ecliptic
02 A Fissure In Silence Ecliptic
03 Illegal Frequency Ecliptic
04 Think Funky (Remix) Ecliptic
05 Oversoul Ecliptic
06 Equilibrio Ecliptic
07 To Pass Over Thoughts Ecliptic
08 Reveillon Ecliptic
09 Mascarade Ecliptic
10 Zero Point (Lunar Sound Remix) Ecliptic
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