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Coconutz In The Air - Cine Mad In Chaos  
Coconutz In The Air
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Territory Restrictions: Brazil

Cine Mad in Chaos with the new album Coconutz in the Air proposes an Electronic fusion of analogical timbres with Break Beat/Trip Hop/Dub and unusual atmospheres, creating a singular and innovative style.
Electronic Trip Hop/Dub project of which Guilherme Simonsen is both the producer and criator.
Audio producer since 1997, Guilherme started his experience producing Psy Trance. Soon, in 1999, he became one of the pioneering Brazilians in the live-act performance, playing his sound in Tranconso and Caraíva (Bahia), Alto Paraíso (Goiás) parties in 1999/2000 and furthermore, in São Paulo.
The real transformation happened back in 2001, when Simonsen, trying to evolve his knowledge on electronic music, has moved to Australia, where he built up an independent studio. There the will for the total freedom of creation sprouted which brought the experimental music.
He came back to Brazil in 2002, when he felt the need to create a more consistent project: emerges then Cine Mad in Chaos.
CMC is considered one of the main Down Beat projects in Brazil.


CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Wushu Cine Mad In Chaos Play
02 Before Mister Chang Died Cine Mad In Chaos Play
03 All The Mix Cine Mad In Chaos Play
04 Low Passanger Cine Mad In Chaos Play
05 How Long Cine Mad In Chaos Play
06 Memory Cine Mad In Chaos Play
07 Taste This Seed Cine Mad In Chaos Play
08 Sunrise Cine Mad In Chaos Play
09 You Are The One Cine Mad In Chaos Play
10 Another Room Cine Mad In Chaos Play
11 What Mess We Made Cine Mad In Chaos Play
Label ProfileLabel: High End Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 7898904328053
Track ListingRelease Date: 2007-02-09
Genre: DubCatalogue Number: HECD005CD