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PROT Alt + Ctrl - (DEL) - Alternative Control  
PROT Alt + Ctrl - (DEL)
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Territory Restrictions: Brazil, Japan.

Proton Records Brazil and Vision Quest Japan are proud to present the debut album of “the Serbs” Alternative Control!

One of the best upcoming artists of the full on scene nowadays have produced a stunningly fresh and innovative album with a very straight forward attitude regarding the way that full on music should sound like! Each track different from the other, resulting a complete overview in all the aspects of the energetic modern full on.

Alternative Control is the project formed by Toprek Goran, better known as Toca, and Rastko Palikuca, both from Serbia. They had worked hard during one year to produce this extraordinary album after touring the entire world showing their style of “uplifting morning music”. The album is a true journey into the modern sound, full of “nano” melodies, “funk-groove” basslines and new techniques, resulting in their unique style of full on.
They have released tracks on some of the major labels around such as: “We”, Spun Records, Turbo Trance, Planet BEN, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, just to name a few…

After their marvelous presentation at the FullMoon Festival 2005 (Germany) and The Gathering 2005 (Japan), two of the biggest festivals around the globe, it’s not difficult to realize that this album will be one of the hot selliners in the year of 2006. Most of the tracks inside this cd are going to be the “hits” on every dancefloor around the world. Track number 5, “Alt + Ctrl”, it’s the tune that gives the name of the album and it’s also the tune that features on the DVD of the Gathering 2005.

According to them, “the best time to listen and dance the cd is in a happy sunny beautiful morning!”

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Differ Alternative Control Play
02 Mr. Weirdoo Alternative Control Play
03 Back To The Roots Alternative Control Play
04 Logic Choice Alternative Control Play
05 Alt + Ctrl Alternative Control Play
06 Frequency In Control (Feat Freaked Frequency) Alternative Control Play
07 4D Girls Alternative Control Play
08 Who You Are Alternative Control Play
09 Melodic Reality Alternative Control Play
10 Her Face In Every Place Alternative Control Play
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