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Future Sound Theory - Various Artists  
Future Sound Theory
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Territory Restrictions: Japan

This latest compilation by Celestial Dragon, "Future Sound Theory" presents no less than twelve standout tracks ranging in scope from organic sound sculpture to electro dub to melodic glitch. Such an eclectic mix is easily held together by an amazing cross section of the most cutting edge producers in electronic music today... stunning contributions from Gaudi, Testa, Ochre, Monolake, edIT, RaNDom, EOX, Adron, Electrypnose, Nalepa, Gel Sol and Dublicate make this mix a truly international collection of talent.

The organic percussive elements of opening track "Lumumba" (Antonio Testa) set the tone for a journey into an uncharted sound world, leading straight into Ochre's "Esign", which can only be described as a beautiful alien soundscape drifting directly into the subconscious. "Juste Pour Toi" by Electrypnose sets the harmonic and rhythmic stage for the inimitable dub stylings of Gaudi, representing here with "Rain In Dub", which in this context becomes something of a mind-bender.

Dublicate's "Peace", Gel Sol's "Cool Sweet Awesome Yay!" and Nalepa's "Pomme Granite Dub" seamlessly carry the dub flavour uninterrupted, with a hint of the glitch elements to come. "Digitalis" by Monolake picks up the tempo and establishes the trippier elements leading into "Hybrid" care of Tokyo scene stalwarts RaNDom.

Rounding out the mix, edIT's "Laundry" is a tidal wave of audio delight, pushing the tempo and the brain into spirals. "Aeon" by EOX introduces some of the most organic digital elements in the mix, to set the stage for Adron's "Klo", which is simply one of the most understated and beautiful pieces of music you will find. As the title suggests, Future Sound Theory represents cutting edge production values, and it would be fair to say that a compilation of this calibre rarely comes along. It is impressive that so many noted producers have put forth many excellent tracks for the same project. The diversity and range of the music here has been coaxed into an incredibly cohesive mix care of Matt B, and this would be a worthy addition to any serious chill-out collection.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Lumumba Antonio Testa Play
02 Esign Ochre Play
03 Juste Pour Toi Electrypnose Play
04 Rain In Dub Gaudi Play
05 Peace Dublicate Play
06 Cool Sweet Awesome Yay! Gel Sol Play
07 Pomme Granite Dub Nalepa Play
08 Digitalis Monolake Play
09 Hybrid (Tokyo Elite Version) RaNDom Play
10 Laundry Edit Play
11 Aeon EOX Play
12 Klo Adron Play
Label ProfileLabel: Celestial Dragon
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 9366977745308
Track ListingRelease Date: 2006-10-20
Genre: ChilloutCatalogue Number: CDREC07CD